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IMO Rapid Transfer is an innovative platform dedicated to solving money transfer issues faced by various people in Bill sending and receiving funds to/from others.

We are not a bank. With us you get low fees and real-time foreign exchange rates

 It's easy. To get your money to family and friends instantly, you only need an email address or wallet number, with IMO Rapid you get the lowest transfer charges and it’s easy to use, convenient and yet highly secure

Getting Started (Customers)

1. Visit, www.imorapidtransfer.com to get Registered, click on register button in the top right of the screen or click here.

   2. Visit any of our branches around you and provide us with your First name, Surname, Phone number and email address for temporary wallet opening

   2.1. Our Branches will provide you a temporary Wallet account, with low daily limit transactions,

   1.2. Temporary wallet account can be upgrade, in your wallet account settings, by setting-up and providing all the required information’s, such as your secret pin, Password, Government Valid IDs, profile Picture (avatar) and complete house address verification

To open IMO Rapid Wallet account is free, fast and easy.

My Account

1.Yes, IMO Rapid Transfer Runs multiple currency wallet in one account, with IMO Rapid Transfer account you can have more Than one Wallet in same account, with this you don’t need to create more accounts, By defaults you may get currency not suitable to your choice, worry not, in same Account you can click on exchange, change low amount to any currency you desire, zoom your wallet will became two in one account.

2. you can also archive that by  chat with our customer care center  for additional currency wallet.

Note: this might require additional verification

Yes, IMO Rapid Transfer is safe. We do not have access to any of your personal information, usernames or passwords. We also do not have access to your bank account. We simply serve as the platform for you to access your wallet accounts. IMO Rapid adheres to the highest standards in security in order to keep your data private and secure. All your data is protected with a 256-bit encryption level and the data exchanged with IMO Rapid using SSL in order to create a highly secured connection between users and IMO Rapid servers. We work to bring you a great service, with the peace of mind that your information will be protected and secured.

Deposit / Wallet Funding

fund your wallet with bank cards; login to your IMO Rapid wallet account click on Deposit. Simply follow steps to add your card and fund your wallet instant.

 Funding your Wallet with Mobile Money: Go to Deposit, Choose the Payments Method Option,  Mobile Money, setup amount you wish to fund your wallet with, click confirm, our system will generate a confirmation code to your mobile money number, after confirming in your mobile money wallet, the amount will automatically  reflect in your wallet .

You will see all the details you need inside your wallet  after you choose the option in the Deposit Funds section. Please make sure you study all the important info there including limits for your transfers and other rules. You will receive all bank details at the final step. Please make sure you use exactly the details we show you including beneficiary name. You are not the beneficiary of these banks. Please do not specify your own name as beneficiary. Always copy all information from the invoice. Invoices you received from us are not an obligation. You can send a different amount (as long as it is within the limits), or not send any transfers at all. If you need, you can just get a new invoice on each bank wire

Funding Your Wallet with Bithcoin:     Click on Deposit  select Coin payment  and confirm by signing into your Coin payment account  the amount will automatically added into your IMO wallet account;

Disbursement / Payout


 To send Money to none IMO Rapid Transfer User, our system will send a notification email to the receiver, with short description on how to sign up and receive the fund

Yes you can send money without having IMO Wallet Account, or might have gone above your daily limits.

Kindly visit any of our accredited agents located near you and carry on with your Transactions

Yes IMO Rapid Transfer, system will notify you via. SMS and Email attached to your wallet account

You can send money through your IMO Rapid Wallet to anyone around the world by clicking Payout; in some countries you may not find send to bank account, 

You can send money to IMO Rapid Transfer user, click on send/Request in your wallet dashboard, put receivers email address, amount and message, confirm, the value will be added to receivers wallet instant,

Bank Deposits

Funding your Wallet with Bank Transfer;   login to your IMO Rapid wallet account click on Deposit, setup amount you wish to fund your wallet with, IMO Rapid System will display our Partnered Bank in your country Details, Transfer and screenshot your transaction receipt, upload to your wallet, wait for 10mins or less for admin verification.

Note;  if your bank Transfer transaction receipt screenshot doesn’t show your name, or the name in your IMO Wallet account doesn’t tally with your Transfer receipt, this might required more verification, we advice you open a ticket or chat with our customer center.

Due to security-related limitations, we do not accept bank transfers sent to you by other people. You can only send a personal transfer to fund your IMO Rapid Wallet account from a bank account in your name. Please make sure both of these names match before sending any transfers.

funding your wallet with Bank Deposit; login to your IMO Rapid wallet account click on Deposit, setup amount you wish to fund your wallet with, IMO Rapid System will display our Partnered Bank in your country Details, Rush to any of the nearest banks, make deposit and upload your deposit slip and click confirm, wait for admin verification, before fund will be added to your wallet account.

        Note: This funding method works in such a way that we cannot guarantee any specific processing time. It all depends on how fast the Deposits arrives to our bank account, Before contacting us, please check whether the transfer is shown as pending inside your account. If it is, it means that our account (your deposit) haven’t been credited

 Contact us by creating a ticket with full Transaction details including amount, currency, and Transaction Date, Transaction Screenshot/ receipt, we will  find and process your transfer manually.

Transaction Failur

Yes you can cancel your Transaction if the beneficiary have not gotten the value, we advise you to visit our terms and condition

In most cases 99.9%  transactions are processed instantly and are final

Most payment failures are caused by one of the following reasons:

  • Non-sufficient Funds (NSF) this is similar to a "bounced check." This happens when you try to pay more than is available in your bank account. Please note that while IMO Rapid doesn’t charge you for NSF, your bank may. Please refer to your bank for details.
  • Your bank did not authorize this specific payment. This may happen the first time you use the service. Once you authorize your bank, you should be able to transact.   
  • Your biller refused the payment. IMO Rapid will let you know if this is the case and you can contact your biller for more information.
  • To protect you from accidental double-payments, IMO Rapid may reject identical payments (same amount to the same biller) made immediately after each other.
  • Our Third-party  refused the payments due to some reasons; in some cases if such occur the reason for such rejection may display to your screen or send Via. SMS or email
Imo Rapid Might reject your transactions if your account related or suspect  to any Fraudulent activities
International Remittance

Yes you can send money from your IMO Rapid wallet to another country banks accounts and Mobile Money

Mobile Application

Go to the Google play or IOS and windows store on your device, download the IMO Rapid Transfer application on your device,

Monthly Maintenance Charge

No. There are no subscription fees, No monthly account maintenance fees, or any other hidden fees you may find elsewhere.

Getting Started (Agent)

First visit our website or using your mobile app, register as user, then go to any of our nearest office located near you (accredited agent office not included)

Worry not if our offices are far from your location, first email our customer support stating your demand of becoming IMO Rapid Transfer Agent, we will take it up from there.


As a IMO Rapid agent you will receive commission on every transaction you perform, plus bonuses and other incentives which we roll out at intervals. The more transactions you perform the more money you make.

As IMO Rapid Accredited agent your Commissions are paid direct into agents IMO Rapid Transfer wallets account.

Every 5 working days IMO Rapid Transfer Limited disburse our agents commission,

your Transaction History will display all transaction inflow


In most case if your commission is not paid on time, worry not, open a ticket with us and get it ratified in a short while

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