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IMO Rapid Transfer is an innovative platform dedicated to solving money transfer issues faced by various people in sending and receiving funds to/from others.

imodevlab.xyz, we believe that transferring money between countries should be a painless experience for everyone involved. For the sender, the receiver and even funding your wallet. we are not a bank. With us you get low fees and real-time foreign exchange rates

With so many different factors and companies to consider, our aim is to remove the difficulty in finding and using money transfer providers, guiding you through every single step and making sure you're making the best decision for your specific needs.

Our groups who wanted to create a business model that would revolutionize the way consumers and businesses undertake international money transfers and amplify knowledge of the way the foreign exchange works. IMO Rapid Transfer  Markets is focused on developing strong business relationships, utilizing the latest technologies, and recruiting the most experienced people to offer our clients an incomparable combination of security, non-comparable pricing and incomparable service. 

Our people have a wealth of experience working within the global markets arena with diverse experiences

Our Values

We pride ourselves on running a reliable and trusted professional business with integrity.

But we don’t stop there

Our operation isn't just to make things easier; we believe that there are always ways to save some money in the process.

imodevlab.xyz we strive to not only provide the most accurates, up-to-date and honest insight into all the money transfer providers but also to make sure you're saving money every footstep of the way.

With Imo Rapid Transfer you can load money in your preferred wallet, exchange from Default currency to another you can change it easily, From offering the sophisticated structured products and multi-currency accounts that corporate treasurers demand. 

What makes us different?

With a lack of intelligibility in money transfers and financial system as a whole, we aim to distribute relevant, easy to assimilate information to save you time, effort, data and money.

We know that there isn't just one party involved when transferring money ( the sender and the receiver ), which is why we're devoted to make sure that not only the sender has a great experience, but the receiver also does too.

Our Mission

Since we are established in 2016, we have been helping businesses and individuals achieve their goals and get their money where it needs to be. With service, good value and leading technology at the heart of what we do

Our mission is to create the world’s best foreign exchange platform for individuals, and international businesses.

Imo Rapid Transfer is a reference to Imo Rapid Transfer Limited which is registered in Nigeria (RC no: 1586148)

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